The Powerlifting Team’s Advice

The Powerlifting team have been doing well this season. We thought we would sit down with them and they had much to say regarding the health benefits of weight lifting. They said the following:

If individuals understood that a particular kind of workout would improve your heart, enhance your balance, reinforce your bone structure, as well as aid in the shedding of body fat while helping to make you appear and feel much better, would you not want to get started off right away? Well, research studies reveal that strength training sessions can easily accomplish all of this and much more. Strength-based exercise is certainly not only related to bodybuilders lifting weights in a weight room. It can also help individuals of any ages and also can be especially crucial when it comes to people with overall health issues such as osteoarthritis or heart disorders.olympic powerlifting statue

The Advantages of Weight Training

Of course, strength training programs will certainly increase the definition of your muscle tissue as well as providing males and females with a better body shape plus healthy physical bodies too. Training with weights also does so much more:

1. Strength exercise helps keep the excess body weight away for good.

Not only does muscle training assist in dropping weight, but it also contributes to making weight reduction sustainable too. A current research study uncovered that ladies whom stuck to a body weight exercise regimen three times a week boosted the volume of calories shed in common day-to-day tasks (in addition to those burned during exercise), assisting them to preserve their current weight.

2. Strength training sessions shield bone health and muscular tissue size.

After adolescence, regardless if you are a male or a female, you begin to shed roughly 1 percent of your bone and muscle strength each year. “Just one of the greatest methods to cease, avoid, and even turn around bone and muscle decline is to include strength training in your workouts,” recommends Troy Tuttle, an exercise physiologist at the College of Texas Clinical Institution in Houston.”

3. Power training makes you sturdier and healthier.

Strength training is often even referred to as resistance exercise as it includes building up and sculpting your muscle tissue by applying them against a resisting power. There are a few types of strength training:

The isometric level of resistance involves using your muscles on a non-moving thing, such as against a floor surface during a push-up.
Isotonic power exercise consists of pushing your muscles throughout a variety of motions as in weight training.
The two will make you tougher and also could get anyone into much better condition. Keep in mind that with strength exercise, your muscle mass does require the chance to recuperate, and so it ought to only be performed on alternating days. Always take the opportunity to warm up and cool down right after strength exercise.

4. Strength training assists you in the establishment of much better body mechanics.

Strength exercise possesses advantages which go well past the visual appeal of perfectly toned muscle tissue. Your balance, as well as coordination, will indeed strengthen, as will certainly your demeanor. If you have bad flexibility as well as balance, strength education can decrease your chance of falling by as much as 40 percent, a significant advantage, especially as you get elderly.

Also, you may find yourself working muscles that you wouldn’t work in normal day to day life. For example, pull ups with a weighted dipping belt, you would never perform during normal day to day life, but they are great for the lats and back overall thus making you less prone to pain.


So in conclusion, lifting weights has some significant immediate health benefits which if carried on will have some amazing benefits in later life.

Reasons I Love Being a Pre-Med Student

The Goggle Lines

There is really nothing more awesome than walking out of the science building after being in lab for five hours and having red markings from your goggles on your face. These signify all of the hard work you have just put in and that whatever you were doing was so dangerous that you had to wear something to protect your fragile eyes. And, if you are really dedicated to your experiment, perhaps you will even forget to remove your goggles before exiting the laboratory. Yes, that is the ultimate sign of a person so hard-core that he or she cannot be bothered to remove the goggles.

After a few minutes, the goggle lines surrounding your eyes and making a fine mark on your cheeks will fade, and nothing will distinguish you from others on campus.  Of course, if you happened to spill ninhydrin on your hands, it leaves brilliant dark purple spots on your skin that will not be removed for a few days, or perhaps you have managed to spill some toxic chemical on your shirt that is quite noticeable.  While goggle lines are short-lived, they may be the least permanent marking that makes you different from people of other majors.

Reason: Food!

The science department is notorious at Carson-Newman for having picnics, ice cream socials, bonfires, etc.  Even the Tri-Beta float for the Homecoming Parade involved decorating Dr. Boise’s little green car as an ice cream cone and dressing up members of the club as “sweets” and “better sweets” in relation to how healthy the treat was.  I enjoyed going to Dr. Trentham’s house and Dr. Morton’s house for bonfires, just another benefit of being a pre-med. student (I can go to both chemistry AND biology functions).  However, it is more than just eating that draws me to this major; I of course enjoy the company of all who also partake of the food.  What other people will understand the joy of having two or more major tests on the same day, or experiencing the thrill involved in watching surgeries and C-sections, and listening to heartbeats and respiration?

The “Oh, wow!” Look

Entering my junior year of study here at Carson-Newman, I have not changed my major like everyone told me I was bound to do or even failed Organic Chemistry. The reason why I will not change my major is because I love what I am doing (for the most part) and I will one day reap the benefits of studying and working hard now. I love being a Biology/Pre-med. major. Over the next several weeks, I will list some of the reasons why I love what I am doing, and perhaps others may even be able to relate to some of the silly, random, and even strange things that stick out in my mind.

I am not going to lie, I highly enjoy it when people ask me what I am studying in college. Whether it is the little old ladies from my church, people my parents work with, or even random people I meet while at Wal-Mart or on C-N campus, I always get the same response. It goes something along the lines of:

Other person: “So, what’s your major?”
Me: “I’m Biology, Pre-med!”
Other person (with wide eyes): “Oh, wow!”

Now, the following responses vary. Some people comment that I must study a lot (which I do), or they confirm that I want to be a doctor (which I do), and then the conversation could veer off to what schools I am looking at or what I want to specialize in. Or, if I meet another pre-med. student or even a person in the health professions, we instantly have some common ground. I have no idea if the pre-med. curriculum is the hardest one out there, but it seems like most people think it is fairly tough, so who am I to change their minds? Being pre-med. is much more than taking harder science classes; it is the experiences a person gains along the way. Through all of my job shadowing and internships, I have seen many things. All of it just confirms what I already know: I love medicine. I hope one day to do what thousands of others already do; help others with the knowledge and skills that I have acquired through my years of learning.

An inside look at the Forensics team

Another One Gone: Berry College

This past weekend the team made its way to Rome… Georgia, where they competed at Berry College, alma mater of coach Chip Hall. The team juggled debate and individual events throughout the course of the two-day tournament. The finalists in individual events from Carson-Newman include: Kate Doyle, placing 6thin Extemporaneous Speaking and 1stin After Dinner Speaking Luke Willoughby, placing 5thin Personal Narrative Angelea Arwood, placing 1stin Novice Prose Jessy Lakins, placing 5thin After Dinner Speaking Sara McHenry placing 3rdin Novice Impromptu And Callie Booher placing 5thin Rhetorical Criticism and 6thin Informative Speaking Rachel Hicks also received top novice in Informative Speaking


This past weekend, 4 members of the Carson-Newman Forensics team made their way to Berea Kentucy for competition. Berea’s tournament is what is known as a swing, meaning there are almost 2 tournaments in one. Two days of competition, two sets of finals, two chances to get your piece qualified. In the first half of the swing, Sara McHenry and Rebecca Bird formed a novice debate team. Kate Doyle and Angelea Arwood competed in individual events. The second day, all four competitiors were in individual events. Awards are as follows: Kate Doyle with a semifinal placement in prose, and finalist in After Dinner Speaking both days.

A Successful Weekend: Gainseville Georgia

A little over a week ago, the Carson-Newman Forensics team pulled out and made their way to Gainesville Georgia amidst a playlist of team songs, selected earlier this year, and much loved and appreciated cookies made by Jana Hall. This was the team’s second tournament of the year and though many of the performances and performers were making their debut into the forensics community, the weekend proved a great success for the team. The first day of the tournament was strictly for the debaters with Sara McHenry and Luke Willoughby making it into semifinal rounds and Michael Lugo and Kate Doyle gaining a winning record at the tournament.